Communication business partner

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For the European operations of a global leader in building materials Communicatie & Co is searching for a new communication business partner 'heavy side'. This side of the company specializes in professional materials like asphalt, cement, concrete and aggregates. It does so with approximately 30 local companies, spread across Europe.
Job description 
The new business partner will be responsible for all internal and external communications of this leading company. Ensures alignment and localisation of content where relevant, leveraging comms teams. He or she will work with the overall communications director and delivers on requirements of local companies. Internal and external communications. Pioneering and new position within a fast growing company. The new business partner will create brand awareness, takes leadership in European communications, pushes content for wider distribution, ensures the consistent creation of high quality content, supports a community of local communications representatives and provides access to tools and templates for regional use. Identifies coaching needs and creates plans to grow local capabilities.
Succesfull candidates are experienced communication professionals (internal and external) and are stars in establishing and maintaining personal relationships with international collegues. They love to travel between European offices, invest in people and are keen on 1-on-1 communication. The ideal candidate is a networker who is curious and keeps asking questions. Experience in brand building and external communications in general is a must to do the job. Previous experience in informing investors and other stakeholders is a key need. The ideal candidate is flexible, focusses on synergy and is a (near) English native speaker.
Offered is a (more than) fulltime job with frequent travel requirements. Leading company with over 30.000 employees worldwide. Excellent compensation and benefits.